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Photo by William Frederking

Film and Dance

Photo by William Freaderking


Choreography by Erin Kilmurray

Links Hall's Co-mission 2018.
Performers: Alyssa Gregory, Camila Rivero Pooley, Dee Alaba, Kaitlin Webster, Maria Blanco, Tia Greer

Costume: Samantha Allen

Technical Design: Bran Moorhead

Photo by William Freaderking

The Fly Honey Show X - Glitter Fan

Concept by Erin Kilmurray

The Fly Honey Show X 2019.
Performers: Dee Alaba, Jillian Endebrock, Virginia Cook

Photo by William Freaderking

Do You Wanna Dance or Lonely Boy? (Excerpts)

Choreography by Erin Kilmurray

The Dance Center's 45th Anniversary

Columbia College of Chicago
Performers: 28 amazing performers who have performed or been part of the program at the Dance Center

Photo by William Freaderking


Choreography by Pam McNeil

Repertory Performance Workshop Spring 2016.
Photos by William Frederking

Homesick Blues

Choreogaphy by Jessica Miller Tomlinson

Repertory Performance Workshop Spring 2016.
Photos by William Frederking

9 Crimes

Dance for camera, choreography by Rorie Raimondi

Summer 2015
9 Crimes by Damien Rice
Cinematography by David Hughes Jr
Dancers: Deandra Alaba, Jacob Buerger, Nicole Flores.

Long Live (Nobility)

Choreography by Nicole Flores

Student Performance Night Spring 2015
Performed by Deandra Alaba, Jacob Buerger, Patrick Burns, Ethan Jacobs, and Johhny huntoon
Videograpphy by Jane Jerardi


Dance for camera project choreography by Kelly Mitchell

Technology For Dancers Final Project Spring 2015
Dancers: Kelly Mitchell, Deandra Alaba, Umiko Nakamura, & Karen Yatsko
Cinematographer: Roy'el Hill
Sound Design: Winston Griffin
Video Editor: Crystal Sutherland

Le Paysage (Landscape)

Choreography by Taylor Chwae

Student Performance Night Fall 2014. Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago
Music: Third by Hiatus
Performed by Deandra Alaba and Hillary Mason
Videography by Jane Jerardi

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