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Artist Statement

As a dancer, I'm primarily a performer but I am also a choreographer. I constantly crave to learn more about the capabilities of my body and new movement experiences that influence my artistic growth. At first, dance was only a hobby, a way to express my emotions and for the blissful pleasure of moving. As my training progressed, dance became so much more. Dance became an experimentation, an exploration of mind, body and identity, it became a struggle but in a good way. My ideas about dance expanded as I challenged myself to explore movement as a way to tell stories about personal experiences, views, and interests to create thought-provoking pieces.

Photos by William Frederking

Phénomènes de Foules

Choreographed By Dwigth Alaba

Senior Capstone Concert II Spring 2017

Set Design by Deandra Alaba

Lighting Design by Greg Freeman

Music by Tangerine Dreams, Les Tambours du Bronx, Arovane, Flume

Costume by Deandra Alaba

Dancers: Deandra Alaba, Victoria Benson, Kayla Desenfants, Caroline Larson, Marissa Marinkovich

Video Montage coming soon.


Choreographed by Dwigth Alaba

Advance Topics: Choreographic Project Fall 2016.

Set Design by Deandra Alaba and Kevin Rechner

Lighting Design by Kevin Rechner

Music by Bob Garrett

Costume by Jeffrey Hancock

Dancers: Deandra Alaba, Keisha Janae Bennett, Camila Rivero Pooley, Andrea Torres


Dance For Camera

Technology For Dancers Fall 2016 Final Project
Deandra Alaba: Choreographer, Dancer, Cinematographer, Film and Sound Editor, Sound Score.
Jasmine Mendoza: Cinematographer

Experimental Film


Experimental film project for Technology For Dancers class.

Cinematography and sound score by Deandra Alaba.

Featuring Helen Diaz and Juliette Perez.

Composition and Rhythm


Movement assignment for Choreography class.

Lucia's Dynamic Scale/Shaping a Phrase


Movement assignment for Choreography Class by Deandra Alaba.

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